Robotics laboratory at Delhi Public School R. K. Puram come into existence in 1995. It gives opportunity to students to get an early exposure to robotics and automation. In class VI they get introduced to these through the use of various kits like Lego Mindstorms, Mechanix, etc. They can develop their creativity while using these kits. They get familiar with simple machines and various mechanisms like gear trains. They will also be able to control various appliances with computer. In class VII, they learn basic electronics. In class VIII, they learn to connect appliances to the computer and write control Software. In classes IX and X they learn and develop different sub-systems of robots. In class XI and XII they learn about the use of micro-controllers. Thus, gradually they progress on to making autonomous robots. Robotics lab is equipped with various hand tools, instruments like digital multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope and some CNC machines.